A Goodlie Companye

Have you ever thought about joining a small singing group? We have a great bunch of folks here now, but we're also looking for a low bass to join our ranks.

Our repertoire is primarily medieval and renaissance madrigals and motets in the European tradition, but we occasionally mix in modern settings of period lyrics and other modern music which fits stylistically. We perform periodically, both in public concerts and at area elder care facilities.

Our members have various musical backgrounds. Some never read music before joining us, some played instruments but never sang, whereas others have had a fair bit of classical or musical theater experience. All of our members sing and dress in period garb for performances, but there are additional opportunities to spiel, dance, and play period-appropriate instruments if you so choose.

We're a volunteer group, which means that we don't get paid, but we don't have any membership dues either. We do ask for a time commitment... we rehearse from 7 to 9 every Thursday evening, year round, as we believe it leads to higher quality. Besides, we're all friends, and enjoy spending time with one another! We meet at each others houses on a rotating basis, which are located throughout central and eastern Massachusetts, extending from Worcestor to Arlington.

If this sounds like something you'd like to try, please let us know!